I'm Mike and I'm Greg.

I write the games

I'm the code-monkey, but I love game design too. Nothing makes me happier than bringing my game ideas to life, and I have way too many ideas. I go by fucrate online, and I've been known to tweet.

& I illustrate them.

So that makes me the artist. As a kid I wanted to be a chef. Some people call me aeiowu online. I hate crows but I love comics, Ira Glass and a perfect baked potato. Need to know more? Check these.

We make games

we call this one 4fourths & we love him.

4 players, 2 ships, 1 hero.

4FOURTHS is a game we made for Gamma IV, a competition constraining developers to design games played with only 1 button. It won't be playable until the event on March 10th in San Francisco. We can't say much more than that, as it's a bit of a secret. If you want to know more, you can follow us through the links below.

OK. What's next?

See what's cookin'

Right now we're working very hard on 4FOURTHS and a brand-new top secret multiplayer game. Both are still in progress, but sometimes the fun is in the journey. You can follow ours here whenever you like. »

But wait, there's more! We are complex multi-dimensional human beings that tweet and 'book and do all sorts of other inane things. And that's not all! We also make smaller games that we release on the internet for free, usually under Intuition Games. Go check 'em out!

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